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Admit it, we've all been at least tempted to open drawers and cabinets when touring a home for sale. Having adequate storage, especially in kitchens can be a deal maker or breaker. So, as a seller it is a good idea to provide an organized, well thought out system of storage possibilities. One of the biggest culprits of disarray seems to be plastic containers. Let's not even get started on missing lids! Right up there with the missing sock mystery. I love using baskets to organize my plastic containers. One basket for lids and one large one for the containers. These could be stored in larger kitchen drawers below utensils or in a cabinet for easy access. Baskets are lightweight too, so it's not a big deal to pull them out for stacking and sorting. Plus it's one more indication that your home is well looked after...a big psychological plus to a buyer.

Eek to sleek. Container organization bliss.

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