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Basket Case or a Case for Baskets

It's pretty obvious that I love baskets. They are great for hiding clutter, as plant containers, and as focal points in decorating. Baskets work in so many decorating styles ...from country to boho and everything in between. They are also easy on the budget. I scour thrift stores for basket thrift scores. They are often the least expensive goody in fancy home decor boutiques. I've found great pieces at Target and places like TJ Maxx and Burlington. As you can see from the photo collage, baskets can work in any room of the house. The small basket in the wedding memorabilia, was actually carried by my mom when she carried out flower girl duties for her granddaughter's recent wedding. So, not only can baskets be practical, they can hold special memories as well. There, did I make my case for baskets?

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