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home staging goals

My goal in staging your home is to make it buyer friendly without breaking the bank so that you reap maximum profit from the sale.  One strategy I implement is to use what you already have just not all of it.  Using the letters of my name, LES, I’ve created a guideline for the strategy we will use to prepare your home for a successful sale in no time.

My fees are based on the service you choose.  There is no obligation or fee for me to visit your property and discuss the following options.  If you aren’t ready to make a decision on services immediately, but choose to use me to help stage your home, the following can be used as a fee schedule.​​

Home staging consultation

A room by room basis or the entire property. We make a checklist of improvements and changes which I will leave with you to implement.

$35.00 per room or $150.00 up to a four bedroom home.

Consultation only

Home staging consultation and resource list

The checklist as stated above along with a strategy and resource list for you to do on your own.

$50.00 per room

Consultation & my Services only

Home staging consultation, resource list and team services

The to do checklist and implementation of any or all services to complete the staging. An initial assessment of the size and scope of the staging will be included free of charge if you choose this option. Services can include: painting, organizing, rearranging furniture, and basic handyman services.  We can also organize and implement sales of individual items or stage a sale at the property.

This fee will include my base fee of $50.00 per room plus the services provided by my team.

Consultation & Services

Rearrange funishings for a bigger space.

Furnishings should be arranged for the best flow so it is easy to move between pieces easily. They should fit in proportion to the room. Less is actually better for buyers to visualize the space.  Use enough furniture to allow the buyer to see their own pieces in the room. Placement is also an important key to keep the emphasis on the room and not the furnishings. Rearranging a few pieces may be all it takes to give the best perspective of the room.
Furniture layout is just one example of staging consultation that I offer.  We would also talk about and plan changes in lighting, paint color, fixture replacement, and appliance upgrades to name a few possibilities.



Edit your items to declutter.

A good rule of thumb for opening up space in your home is to remove one third of the objects in a room right off the bat.  These could be items you want to keep or decide it’s time for them to find a new home.  I can share strategies to help you decide what to do with no longer needed or wanted items as well as ways to package the things you want for your next home.  The magic word is decluttering, which helps potential buyers see the space and not the belongings. 

I can also share tips on efficient packing and temporary storage ideas, holding a garage sale, and where to find new homes for items no longer wanted or of monetary value. Remember “Les(s) is better,” when it comes to staging your home.


stage your home to sell

The purpose of staging a home is to prepare it for a fast and successful sale. Neutral yet inviting is the goal. We can help you do that by making some changes such as swapping old fixtures for new, painting a wall or two, and adding some live plants, just to name a few ideas.  My goal is for sellers to invest the least amount of money and effort to gain the most amount of profit from the sale.  As part of my service, I will do a thorough walk through of both indoor and outdoor spaces to determine any and all changes that will help make the property ready to show at its best.  


My Home Staging Strategy 
les = Layout + Edit + Sell

Using the letters of my name, LES, I’ve created a guideline for the strategy we will use to prepare your home for a successful sale in no time.

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