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Pick a Room, Any Room

Perhaps you're not even planning a move yet or even at all, but the thought of all the STUFF you have is overwhelming. Like a giant Jenga stack, one wrong tug and it could all come crashing down. Shelves are fully loaded, cabinets are stuffed, closets are jammed, and don't even look under the bed. Okay, deep breath, inhale, exhale, close your eyes, relax. Easier said than done, right? Again, looking back on all of the moves we've made, I'm beginning to think of them as blessings in disguise when it came to paring down our possessions. I have to say moving to a house without a garage was terrifying but probably life saving. We were forced to rid ourselves of so many things that we'd just carried from one home to another over the years. And, I'm the first to admit I'm thrilled to once again have a garage but now that our home is smaller I doubt we will collect more items that need storing. So, how did we choose what made the cut? That's my secret superpower that I'd be happy to share. Just give me a call to set up a time and a place and we'll pick a room, any room to get started. Remember, all you need is Les.

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